Master Nutrition Consultant Course: Fees & Enrolment

Master Nutrition Consultant Course
Fees & Enrolment

There is an Enrolment Fee of £290 (non-refundable and not included in the Course Fees below) payable upon enrolment. The Enrolment Fee and Course Fees do not include books or study materials. If you’ve already paid your enrolment fee, please go straight to the courses below.

Step 1 Enrolment Fee

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Please view the Terms and Conditions.

By paying this enrolment fee you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

Step 2 Biomedicine - 1 Year

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*Please note that in order to study Nutrition you must first complete Biomedicine.

Step 3 Nutrition - 2 Years*

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Full 3 Year Payment (Save £2,240)
Biomedicine & Nutrition

Save even more by combining Biomedicine and Nutrition into one-payment.

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Short Courses

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