Online Nutrition Course

The 3-year Online Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma Course is based on the CNM in-class training which has been running for more than 20 years at ten CNM colleges throughout the UK and Ireland. The course consists of 3 elements:

  • Filmed lectures and comprehensive handouts
  • Online live tutorials, exams and written assignments
  • Clinics in years 2 and 3 to be taken in class* in the UK or Ireland

* Alternatively it can be studied 100% online training and can be completed in two to three years ask a Course Consultant for details.

CNM has an excellent reputation based on its long experience in delivering high-quality training, with over 80% of its graduates practising.

Students are studying in countries such as: Hong Kong, Malta, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, USA, South America, more than 28 countries.

Key Facts

Award: DipCNM

Next start date: September 2019

Course duration: 2-3 years

Study time: 15-25 hours per week

Online Course Overview:

The CNM Online Nutrition Course takes normally 3 years to complete. However it can be studied in a shorter period of time too.

Year 1: Biomedicine
Year 2 Nutrition 1
Year 3 Nutrition 2

Diploma awarded: Master Nutrition Consultant
UK Accreditation: ANP, GNC
Ireland Accreditation: ANP, GNC, NTOI
International accreditation in: USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and others.

Study Online

The CNM Study Guide gives the exact sequence of what to study. Exams and assignments test your knowledge. CNM’s comprehensive study material (handouts and filmed lectures) are regularly updated and 24/7 available on CNM’s student portal.

Regular Online Tutorials

Online students are supported by regular tutorials throughout the course. Additional webinars deepen the acquired knowledge and provide up to date developments of the Nutrition profession.

Exams and Assignments

Exams and assignments are an important part of the course in order to measure study progress and help students keep on track. All assignments are submitted online.

Below is a short clip showcasing the quality and style of our lectures.

Course Reviews

Simona Mularova, Bulgarian, Nutrition

I chose CNM for my studies because of its naturopathic approach to health and the great feedback I had heard about the college.

My studies have been life changing, exciting, and unforgettable. I love everything about my course.  The lecturers are great, the content is very rich, giving me knowledge, which has helped me become healthy.  I feel great.


Audrey Lemargue, French, Nutrition

CNM’s Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition is exactly what I needed to pursue my vocation and start my journey to optimum health myself.

All lecturers bring something unique as they put their heart and soul into transmitting deep knowledge which they are passionate about.  On the academic side, I am constantly amazed by the extent of new scientific research that we look at, from epigenetics to the nutrient impact on health.

Melanie Gonzalez, Spanish, Nutrition

I wanted to know more about food as medicine. I enrolled with CNM because I was impressed with the course syllabus and structure, which fits together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.  

As soon as we started, it blew my mind!


Bruno Babolin, Italian, Nutrition

I fell in love with the subject of Nutrition and didn’t take any convincing to enrol when I found CNM’s Diploma Course in Naturopathic Nutrition. I have a huge appetite for knowledge and my favourite thing about the course is all the information I’m gaining.

Nutrition is the key to everything and it’s such a fascinating subject!

Krystsina Lapko, Belarusian, Nutrition

I really wanted to change my career and then one day I stumbled upon CNM and their Nutritional Therapy course. I convinced myself that getting another degree is totally worth it and ultimately that I finally can find fulfilment in my job.

So far, I have enjoyed every single lecture!