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What is Bach Flower Remedies Online?

Dr. Edward Bach was a medical doctor working at a London hospital specialising in colon health. He developed the Bach Flower Remedies in 1915. Disillusioned with the emphasis medicine placed on disease  symptoms rather than the individual, Dr Bach set out to find a gentle, effective and non-invasive approach to help his patients. He saw illness as the body’s way of expressing mental disharmony.

Dr. Bach was able to perceive the energy of plants (flowers) and the energy of his patients. He developed a method of preserving and transferring these specific plant energies. Individual Bach Flower Remedies were given to match the energy of patients. As a result, his patients recovered emotionally and physically.

Dr. Bach developed 38 remedies and their applications over the years.

This online Short Course consists of filmed lectures, lecture materials and online assessment. It teaches you how to utilise the Bach Flower Remedies for a variety of daily life applications.

Who should take this course?

Our online Short Courses are suited to those who require the flexibility to study at times that suit them and will not impact their family or work commitments. These online Short Courses are also a solution for those who are not UK and Ireland based and are unable to attend our in-person classes.

As this is an introductory level course, we welcome anyone with an interest in herbs and plants, whether a long-term passion, or a new curiosity. There are no prerequisites to study.

What you will learn

  • History of Bach Flower Remedies (BFR)
  • Principles of working with BFR
  • The 38 remedies and their applications
  • 12 Healers – constitutional types
  • 7 Helpers – for chronic states of mind
  • Second 19 – for acute states of mind
  • Case taking and case analysis
  • Selecting remedies and dosage
  • Bach Flowers for daily life applications


CNM Completion in Bach Flower Remedies